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Like Beyonce, Lady Gaga Encourages Paparazzi and Magazines to Photoshop Pictures of Her

First Posted: Apr 09, 2014 05:34 PM EDT
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Lady Gaga has a very specific request for those who deign to photograph Her Royal Weirdness: use Photoshop on her photos! 

According to The Daily Beast, the pop star -- born Stefanie Germanotta -- has made a request that all the photographers who take pictures of her "smooth out her jawline, thin her arm, and smooth out and thin her legs" before making the photos they take available to the public. And while she's far from the first celebrity to ask that the photos submitted to the wires be picture perfect -- Beyoncé, most famously, ran a tight ship about the photos that were released during the Mrs. Carter tour -- she's coming under fire from her fans, because they feel she's being hypocritical: while she encourages her fans to celebrate their flaws, she won't celebrate hers?

"It's rather hypocritical to champion body positivity, as Gaga does, and then present altered and slimmed images of oneself as reality," says Jezebel writer Carrie Beusman, while failing to note that it's not uncommon for photographers to Photoshop the photos that they take -- whether "candid" or not -- because they want the best representation of their work out there.

The Daily Mail spoke to noted photographer Kevin Mazur, who is one of Getty Images' most popular photographers, and he confirmed that the practice of Photoshopping pictures before releasing them to the public is not uncommon at all. He also suggests that people lay off of Lady Gaga's request, because all things considered, she's not asking for much.

"She caters to the paparazzi like no other artist I've ever seen. Lady Gaga goes above and beyond putting on new outfits to make sure the paps have something every day," said Mazur. He also confirmed that he won't put out photos of Gaga that her team doesn't approve, and adds that people are complaining that "she's a control freak" when that really need not be the case. 

Gaga, like other celebrities, is in an image-driven business. It's not unusual, or unreasonable, to request that the best image possible be put out there. 

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