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Johnny Manziel Tweet Hints at Leaving College Station

First Posted: Jun 17, 2013 02:10 PM EDT
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Is Johnny Manziel itching to get out of College Station? One tweet he made early Sunday morning is raising quite a stir, as it indicates that he may be trying to get into the NFL as soon as possible.

"Bulls--- like tonight is a reason why I can't wait to leave college station...whenever it may be," he said on the popular social networking site Twitter.

It is still uncertain what the Heisman winner is referring to, and so far he has yet to clarify his remarks. The tweet was taken down soon after it was posted, but that did little to quell the immediate worry going through the hearts of Texas A&M Aggies across the nation.

Manziel rocketed to stardom last season after he had one of the most prolific seasons any quarterback has ever had at the college level. He led the Aggies to their best end of season ranking since 1956, and set SEC record with 5,116 yards of offense to go along with 47 total touchdowns on the year.

Of course, becoming the only freshman to ever with the Heisman award has its drawbacks as well. Since the moment he first started getting national recognition, Manziel has had to deal with a life of fame that he has not been used to. It's one thing to be the hotshot quarterback at your high school, it's another thing to be the hottest college QB in the entire world.

"I've seen it, just like everybody else. I think being around other guys in the past has helped me, but there's never been anything like this before...When you are a nationally recognized person, whether you're young or a freshman or an older guy, there are some things that come with that," said Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Sumlin certainly knows what he's talking about. During his highly successful time coaching college football thus far, he's guided some of the biggest names of their time through the potential pitfalls that come with notoriety. He's been around the likes of Adrian Peterson, Sam Bradford, and Drew Brees, and knows what Manziel needs to succeed.

"Like I said before, (Manziel) is still himself, and he has made some mistakes and he knows that. That's part of growing up. I think, like I've said before, we've got a support process that's in place for him and his family and I know that ever since summer school started he has been back hard at work and he's happy to be back with his teammates."

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