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Blake Griffin Lakers Trade in the Works? NBA Analysts Say It's A Possibility

First Posted: Jun 18, 2013 04:23 PM EDT
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The struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers squad were well documented this past season, as the season culminated in an unceremonious first round playoff exit for a team that was supposed to be a verifiable all-star team in its own right. The Lakers' off-season is proving to be every bit as up in the air.

"Among scenarios Clips considering, sources say, is offer of Blake Griffin & [Eric] Bledsoe in sign-and-trade pitch Lakers for Dwight after July 1," tweeted ESPN's NBA analyst and insider Marc Stein.

That's right, the Lakers may very well be solicited to make a deal with their in-town rivals and the team that they share the Staples Center with, the Clippers. Though such a thought would seem like heresy for both teams, sources close to the situation say that the trade is a legitimate possibility.

"One source with knowledge of the Lakers' thinking said Saturday that any suggestion they could not philosophically allow themselves to make a major trade with the Clippers was 'overblown.' If the Clippers do indeed decide to formally offer Griffin and Bledsoe in a sign-and-trade package for Howard, indications are that it's a proposal the Lakers will certainly not dismiss outright," according to ESPN.

Howard is believed by many to be a poor fit for the Lakers, as his personality does mesh well with many of the coaches and his style of play is discordant with the surrounding players. In Griffin, the Lakers would get the hottest young power forward in the league, and Bledsoe is a guard that is regarded by many in the league to be an up-and-coming talent that deserves a starting role.

In fact, a one-to-one trade of Howard for Griffin would be thought by many to be perfectly fair. Though Howard is equally as potent offensively and a much better defender than Griffin, he also has a higher salary and a host of injury problems as well as personality issues to contend with.

"With the improving ability to rebound and the skill to finish around the net with authority-along with the vast strides he's made on defense-Griffin has as much upside as any power forward in the NBA," notes the Bleacher Report.

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