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Justin Bieber Accused Of Hit-And-Run, Under Restraining Order

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First Posted: Jun 20, 2013 10:56 AM EDT
Bieber has had a hard time staying out of the headlines as his erratic behavior continues. (Photo :

Justin Bieber has a habit of making the news on a regular basis, and this week was certainly no exception. Not only is he facing a restraining order, but the superstar is also having to answer to allegations that he was involved in a hit-and-run incident on Monday night.

The restraining order is due to Bieber's supposed friendship (or lack thereof) with rapper King Kevi. After Bieber publicly outed King Kevi by saying he's never heard of him, Kevi has responded by saying that he has received death threats from multiple loyal Bieber fans.

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"I've changed my number, but they still have my address," Kevi exclusively tells E! regarding his attempted legal action. "You don't know how scary these people are. They are die-hard fans. If they think Justin would be happy if I was stabbed, they would do it."

The rapper, who has yet to publicly release any music, is now filing a restraining order against Bieber so that he can no longer say anything in regards to Kevi. The terms of the restraining order also state that Bieber must stay at least 150 yards away from Kevi, who goes on to describe just how bad his situation has gotten.

"Forty million crazy fans from all over the world are saying they want to stab me, come to my house and are giving out my address. Thankfully, I have a guard at the gate. It doesn't make me feel safe when you have 40 million people against me and all know my number and address. [Bieber] is trying to disown me just to protect his image," said the rapper.

But that's not all that's going on in Bieber's world. On Monday night, he was leaving the Laugh Factory in L.A. with his friend Lil' Twist when, unsurprisingly, Bieber was surrounded by paparazzi. After motioning for them to move, the singer took off, clipping one of the photographers in the leg. 

Bieber immediately sped off in his Porsche, with the rest of his entourage not far behind. On the scene there were several cries of hit-and-run from bystanders, though after an investigation, it does not appear that the police department will press and charges against the superstar.

"A preliminary investigation showed that no crime was involved, the LAPD's Lt. Craig Valenzuela said. He noted that there may have been initial concern that it was a hit-and-run, but preliminary investigations indicated it was not," reports CNN.

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