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Patriots' Aaron Hernandez a Prime Suspect In Boston Man's Murder

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First Posted: Jun 21, 2013 05:06 PM EDT
This is not the first time Hernandez has been alleged to have shot a person, though he may be facing serious consequences this time. (Photo : Frutman)

New England Patriot's tight end Aaron Hernandez seems to be unable to stay out of trouble. Police have already charged him with obstruction of justice in regards to a murder case, and now, Hernandez may be a primary suspect in the incident.

According to authorities, surveillance video shows that Hernandez was partying with the eventual victim Odin Lloyd Sunday night. Monday morning, Lloyd's body was found at an industrial park in Attleboro, Mass. Sources say that Lloyd was mysteriously absent from a group that returned to Hernandez's house later that evening.

"It is unclear where the car went or what happened during the ride [home], but according to the source only three men returned to Hernandez's home at the end of the night and Lloyd was not one of them," says local television station Fox 25.

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Lloyd, 27, was the boyfriend of Hernandez's girlfriend's sister and was well acquainted with the Patriot's tight end. The news of his death comes as a shock to those that knew him, particularly those who he had grown close to on his semi-pro football team, the Boston Bandits.

"[Lloyd was] in good spirits and everything seemed to be fine ... A lot of the guys go out," noted Lloyd's coach, Olivier Bustin. "I don't know where he went, but he went out with a couple of ball players. He was a personable player who got along with everyone on the team. He always had a big smile on his face."

There are numerous bits of evidence that are working against the 23-year-old Hernandez. Not only are there tapes showing him with Lloyd the night he was shot in the back of the head, but Hernandez also destroyed the video surveillance in his house as well as his cell phone. Furthermore, a cleaning crew was called in to scrub his place clean on Monday.

Because of those actions, police are now charging Hernandez with obstruction of justice. They have also stated that he is not ruled out as a murder suspect, and in truth, he is probably a primary suspect at this point.

This is not the first time that Hernandez has gotten into trouble with authorities. On Jun. 13, Alexander Bradley filed a lawsuit against Hernandez claiming the NFL player purposefully shot him with a gun. A bullet ricocheted off the victim's leg and struck him in the eye. Bradley ended up having to get facial reconstructive surgery and lost his eye in the incident.

"Hernandez' actions in having the gun discharged while aimed at [Bradley] were deliberate and with the intent by [Hernandez] to cause harm to [Bradley]," the suit alleges. 

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