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Media Mogul Nely Galan and How She Inspires Other Latina Entrepreneurs

First Posted: Jan 10, 2016 06:00 AM EST
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Nely Galan is one of the most influential Latinas in the world. Dubbed as "Tropical Tycoon" by the New York Times, Galan is the first Latina to become the president of Telemundo, a U.S. television network. She is also an Emmy Award-winning producer of almost 600 television episodes dubbed in English and Spanish. Moreover, she amazed millions of audiences by becoming the first Latina producer in Hollywood.

Galan is not just creating a strong pillar in the entertainment industry. According to The Adelante Movement, she is also an inspirational speaker, a successful media entrepreneur, real estate businesswoman and a passionate advocate for the empowerment of Latinas around the globe.

In fact, for almost three years, she organized the Adelante Movement which strengthens women's hopes for financial independence by offering training and other resources to help them. Her desire to encourage fellow Latinas started when she became aware of how weak they are portrayed in the media.

Galan believes that her women's rights movement will help women control their fate. And they do this by teaching women how to control their finances.

She is also focused in making a change in the society. Being stuck at work with an abusive boss or inside a house with a disrespectful husband isn't what Latinas have to endure every day. They have to learn how to escape from it. For her, Latinas have the potential to become the economy's "secret weapons." So, they don't deserve to have stagnant life.

"Young women, especially, become the heads of households, translating for their parents not only language but culture, society, and finances. They take the lead because they understand privilege; they weren't brought here for nothing. But they often don't finish school as a result; they're trying to give back to families who risked everything for them," Nely Galan said during one of her interviews with Fast Company.

She also added that being a Latina is difficult, but it's better to not focus on that. Besides, staying in the U.S. is "the best of both worlds." The place has so much opportunities and chances to offer especially when it comes to business. According to her, it's true that everything would not be easy. Oftentimes obstacles will usually get in the way, but it's just normal. She quipped, "In your pain is your answer."

So her advice to women, "Ladies, don't buy shoes, buy buildings. Dream a bigger dream." She also added to always build a better life and act on it, and that will surely bring success after success.

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