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Columnist Slams Ted Cruz Over ’Satanic Tones’ and ’Apocalyptic’ Speeches

First Posted: Jan 11, 2016 05:57 AM EST
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A New York Times columnist called Texas Senator Ted Cruz's campaign speeches as "satanic" in an appearance on PBS "Newshour" last weekend. David Brooks said that Cruz's dark-toned character is being copied by other GOP candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

"Cruz is somehow beginning to get some momentum from Iowa and elsewhere. And so people are either mimicking him, which Rubio is doing a little by adopting some of the dark and satanic tones that Cruz has," Brooks said as quoted by the National Review.

"If you watch a Cruz speech, it's like, we have got this enemy, we have got that enemy, we're going to stomp on this person, we're going to crush that person, we're going to destroy that person. It is an ugly world in Ted Cruz's world, and it's combative, and it's angry, and it's apocalyptic," he elaborated.

One of the panelists on the show David Corn added that Ted Cruz's father Rafael is satanic. Corn said that he watched one of Rafael Cruz's speeches, where he said that the Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage is a work of Satan.

Brooks also noted that Ted Cruz is the leading Republican candidate because Donald Trump has already reached his ceiling while Ben Carson knows he's losing. However, the columnist retracted the "satanic" remarks on Cruz, calling it "Mephistophelian" instead.

He added on by saying that the Texas senator's attitude is harsh, but its part of his personality as a tough guy making him a leading candidate which Rubio will have a difficulty of mimicking. He described the Florida senator as bright and full of optimism.

It is not the first time Cruz was slammed by Brooks, calling him a "Selfish Machiavellian" in a December article a month ago with the New York Post. The columnist said that Cruz is ambitious to the point of using "ruthless" strategies for their own personal advantage to become the head of the counter-establishment.

Being called "satanic" is not one of the current problems of Ted Cruz at the moment as he's eligibility to run for president is the main point of attack by Donald Trump and other rival candidates. Many are questioning if the 45-year-old is a natural-born United States citizen.

Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Dec. 22, 1970, to an American mother and a Cuban father, per the Huffington Post. He has insisted that he is a natural-born citizen because her mother is a U.S. citizen and children of Americans born abroad are all natural-born citizens.

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