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Google Seeks Patent For 'Google Eyes': Not Buying Google Glass? This Smart Contact Lens Captures Image Data With Tiny Camera

First Posted: Apr 20, 2014 10:40 AM EDT
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contact lens(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/איתן טל)

Following its Google Glass invention, Google has come up with a new smart contact lens called Google Eyes. It is built with a very tiny camera placed near the edge so as to not obscure vision. Since the camera is a part of the contact lens it would naturally follow the user's sight, enabling a broad range of uses. Aside from taking pictures, it could be a blind person's bionic eye or an early warning system because it could see a hazard before the person does. It could also be used for facial recognition or telescopic and night vision.

Currently, the patent for this contact lens developed by Google is still pending. This news follows what Google announced previously -- that it was developing a type of contact lens to measure glucose in tears using a microchip and micro sensors. Aside from a micro camera, Google Eyes also has sensors on the surface and these will be controlled by blinking, meaning that picture taking would be hands-free.

Some things are yet to be confirmed, such as the idea of combining some ideas from Google Glass and the smart contact lenses, also known as Google Eyes. As detailed by Patent Bolt, the patent filed by Google assumes that sensors found in the lens can look for faces, colors, light, motion and even objects. Their patent application generally relates to methods for capturing image data, similar to the Glass device.

The company has made a wider rollout of its Glass device after the initial closed beta. The device has drawn the ire of many people who object on the premises that your picture could easily be taken without your approval. In the case of Google Eyes, the same thing would be true but you would not know who is wearing the contact lens. For most people, however, the potential power of Google Eyes could be a major boon to their lives as soon as the system is polished enough to address specific applications.

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