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BBC 'Doctor Who' Season 8 Rumored July 2014: Capaldi A Little Different, Moffat Talks Villains And Guest Stars

First Posted: Apr 25, 2014 04:22 PM EDT
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Doctor Who

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In the upcoming eighth season of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi will take on the role of the 12th doctor. He will be joined by both old and new actors of the storied show such as Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman, Madame Vastra, Keeley Hawes, Matt Smith and Robert Goodman. Ben Wheatley is directing the eighth season. There will also be some of the old characters that will be coming back. The Paternoster Gang, for instance, is set for a comeback. Old characters will includes both allies and villains.

According to the BBC, Samuel Anderson is guesting on the first episode of the season. Other guests who are set to appear in the new episodes are Ben Miller and Tom Riley. In an interview with Ben Miller, he expressed his deep gratitude for being chosen as a special guest for the show. However, he also jokingly expressed his concern that he might be asked to leave the set when he is no longer filming.

The executive producer and head writer of the show, Steven Moffat, said that they were planning to create a more terrifying villain for the initial episode and add it to the one that they have already created. This is intended to make sure that the villains are at par with Capaldi. This is why Ben Miller was chosen to be a part of the show.

For this show, Peter Capaldi is portraying a character that is quite different from what the people are used to seeing. Therefore, his versatility and dynamism as an actor will most likely shine through. He is also expected to be a little different compared with the other doctors who played the role. This show is up for release in July 2014 according to rumors. However, until now, BBC has not confirmed anything in regards to the final date of release.

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