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Top 10 Most Daring Startups in Tech World

First Posted: Jan 28, 2016 07:47 AM EST
Blippar Co-founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra

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The technology arena is currently booming with new tech products and services. And since the demand for digital tools is increasing, more innovative startups have been launched.

Several tech startups have been trying their best to work on high impact and dating ideas that will change the world. So, Business Insider assembled a list of 21 companies that have "crazy and unique" ways to revolutionize our society and culture.

Here are the top 10 most daring tech startups that will either go big or go broke trying to change the world.

1. Diamond Foundry

Funding: Less than $100 million

This startup is growing diamonds and has been funded by celebrities and other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs including actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter/Medium founder Evan Williams and Zynga founder Mark Pincus.

Publicly launched in November, the startup claims to grow hundreds of diamonds that are up to nine carats in just two weeks in a lab.

2. Stemcentrx

Funding: $550.26 million

This startup aims to cure cancer by targeting the stem cells, which could be the origin of the disease. Funded by Facebook investor Peter Thiel, the biotech company is currently valued at over $5 billion.

3. Hooked

Funding: $2.9 million

This startup aims to challenge YouTube in bringing stories into the mobile realm. According to Founder and CEO Prerna Gupta, Hooked is comparable to the invention of the camera.

While Amazon's Kindle app have brought books into mobile devices, Gupta believes that publishing "voyeuristic yet gripping" text message-style conversations into the mobile world can create a new form of narrative that is designed to capture the short attention span of a person.

4. Blippar

Funding: $72 million

With investors from Qualcomm Ventures, this startup is best known for its augmented reality app, which is primarily used by advertisers. According to CEO and Founder Ambarish Mitra, the startup is his way to turn the world into a searchable database.

5. Sano

Funding: $10.27 million in seed funding

This 4-year-old startup, which lured lead investor True Venture and Intel Capital to invest, aims to bid painful finger pricking goodbye to monitor the glucose levels of diabetic patients. Instead, the company aims to find a noninvasive way to track their metabolism.

6. Carbon3D

Funding: $141 million

This startup has caught the attention of Johnson & Johnson and Ford due to its method to create shapes out of a liquid resin soup. While healthcare operators are looking at Carbon3D to speedily create surgical parts, car manufacturers aim to use the technology to create customizable parts.

7. Glowforge

Funding: $37.91 million

This startup created the iconic Glowforge 3D Laser Printer that will put a regular printer to shame. While the company calls it a 3D laser printer, it's actually more of a compact laser engraver and cutter. The Glowforge technology uses lasers to whittle it down into shape instead of building things up layer by layer.

8. Eero

Funding: $40 million

Are you having problems with your Wi-Fi connection? This startup aims to fix everything about your Wi-Fi. The Eero devices, which are little white pods, are using Bluetooth and mesh networking to connect and extend the Wi-Fi in your home.

9. Light.Co

Funding: $35 million

This startup launches a pocket-size device packed with 16 cameras that can produce DSLR-quality photos. When used, 10 of the 16 cameras will simultaneously take the pictures then fuses the images together.

10. Click Diagnostics

Funding: $16 million

This startup seeks to find a better way to discover and test diseases that won't require a big laboratory.

"Click's disruptive technology has tremendous potential in developing nations to change the paradigm of care for prominent and widespread infectious diseases and pandemics," the company described. "Since the Click device is an easy to use, portable, rapid, disposable, and instrument-free diagnostic tool, it can easily be used in remote villages, small towns and large cities alike."

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