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HBO 'True Detective' Season 2 Brad Pitt & Emma Stone Rumors: New Episodes Set in SoCal, Guest Actors May Include Kate Mara and Ellen Page

First Posted: Apr 29, 2014 12:53 PM EDT

HBO has not yet officially confirmed the complete cast list for "True Detective" Season 2. Season 1 actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson have already announced that they are not making a comeback for Season 2. With this announcement, a number of actors have conveyed their wish to be part of "True Detective" Season 2 cast. The "True Detective" TV series tackles the dramatic investigation of a dangerous satanic cult.

However, BREATHEcast reports that there is reason to believe that the much-coveted Rust Cohle character may be assigned to Brad Pitt. Pitt was a popular choice according to The Telegraph, but he has not yet confirmed his availability. Pitt co-produced the forthcoming HBO film "The Normal Heart," which paved the way to his friendly attachment with HBO.

On a similar note, there were also reports that Emma Stone, who played female lead Gwen Stacy in "Amazing Spider-Man" and the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man 2," has conveyed her wish to play the female lead in Season 2 of this popular TV series.

The gossip vine also named Kate Mara of "Transcendence" and Ellen Page of "Juno" fame as upcoming guest stars, playing a pair of detectives in this crime thriller.

Nic Pizzolatto, creator of True Detective, declared that Season 2 will have Southern California for its setting instead of Season 1's Louisiana. He told BuzzFeed during an interview that the TV series plot will focus on appalling men, tough women, and fleshing out the secret occult history of the United States. He added that the future seasons of "True Detective" may have a more varied plot direction. Pizzolatto said in an interview with The Wrap that one might have plenty of extensive plot thrillers; another presenting a murder mystery in a small town; still another where no murder was committed; and a clever criminal vs. a rogue detective.

Perhaps due to the nebulous cast's unknown schedule, the release timing of the second season has not been announced yet, but would likely not be until 2015.

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