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International News: Croatian Farmer Hopes to Keep 8-Legged Hermaphrodite Goat as Pet [Video]

First Posted: May 08, 2014 02:24 PM EDT

Croatian farmer Zoran Paparic is now the owner of a goat with eight legs.

Paparic farms in the Croatian town of Kutjevo. Veterinarians in the area tell Paparic that his new kid has extra legs because he was supposed to be born with another sibling but it was underdeveloped. The goat's mother, Sarka, gave birth to two female siblings in addition to the multi-legged goat, which is also a hermaphrodite with both female and male reproductive organs. When the farmer first saw the goat, he was stunned and thought he was hallucinating.

"‘I counted his legs, and I thought I was seeing things," Paparic said in an interview with InSerbia. "Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I am not crazy."

For now, the unique Bovidae is known as "octogoat" as it doesn't have a name, but Paparic believes the creature is a remarkable phenomenon.

"Everything is double with him," Paparic explained. "Goat Sarka, which I have had for three years, gave birth to a miracle of nature. This is her fourth time, and she always has triplets."

Paparic wants to keep the newborn octogoat until its last days, but unfortunately, that may be sooner than he'd like. Veterinarians said the kid will not likely live a full life. If it can manage to make it through its first week, however, the goat has the potential to live up to two or three years, according to Paparic. If the octogoat does survive, he will enjoy life as Papric's new exotic pet.

"He is trying to stand on his feet but lacks strength," Paparic said.

Octogoat is strange, indeed, but apparently Croatia is used to this sort of thing. Paparic has a friend whose goat also gave birth to a strange site: a goat with two heads.

Check out a video of the octogoat below:

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