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Here's How Rich Cartel Kids Live Out Their Lives on Instagram

First Posted: May 25, 2016 11:44 AM EDT

It's not a surprise that drug lords are super wealthy and they spend it on many interesting things. However, a lot of the activity has remained a secret. Now the Rich Cartel Kids are exposing many of the luxuries that these people have. The following is a list of interesting things that this now private Instagram account has exposed.


In movies such as Oliver Stone's "Savages" the extravagant lifestyle has been shown. However, never have they gotten close to showing a real life tiger. These pictures reveal that these Narco kids own real life tigers as pets and they even pose next to them. It's unknown why they have these dangerous animals as pets but it's unlikely they are tamed.


The use of guns is common within drug cartels as there are supposedly many shootouts between rivaling cartels. However, these kids take guns to the extreme carrying them in their cars and decorating them with gold. There are some pictures that also show the girls posing with the guns as if they were some sex object or as it was just another toy.


That is something everyone knows these people have but the Rich Cartel kids carry hundreds of bills as if they were just dollar bills. They show off their money alongside expensive watches or clothes as well as expensive weapons.


The car is one of the symbols of wealth. Depending on what kind of car you have, it will show how much money you have. These picture showcase a diversity of cars from Rolls Royce to Mercedes to Jeeps and finally to Ferraris. More interestingly these cars are filled with money, weapons and tigers. One only wonders what they do with the tiger in their cars.

Girls and Bikinis

Finally woman are sexualized within these organizations. It's always been a stereotype to show woman in bikinis and short dresses. And the pictures only validate that stereotype as the woman are dressed in bikinis riding motorbikes and posing alongside tigers.

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