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The 5 Best Android and iOS Apps for Latino Voters Ahead of the Presidential Election

First Posted: Jul 13, 2016 11:42 AM EDT
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Latinos have a lot at stake in this year's presidential election. If they're not directly affected by conflicting immigration reform proposals from presumptive nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there is a likelihood friends and relatives will be.

One vows to boot undocumented immigrants living in the United States and force the Mexican government to pay for border wall construction. The other is fighting for President Obama's executive action keeping Hispanic families together, despite a Supreme Court ruling leaving legislation dead in the water.

The 2016 campaign is also about globalization, enhancing national security, staving off another recession, debating whether women have abortion rights, and uniting minority communities with the peace officers that protect them. For the common voter, this is a lot to digest.

It doesn't have to be. Here are the five best Android and Apple iOS apps Latinos have for selecting a presidential candidate.

Unidos (iOS Only)

Developed by immigration journalist group Feet in 2 Worlds, "Unidos" offers bilingual news feeds Latinos can use to make an informed vote. The millennial-focused app engages audiences with emojis, mobile games, and pertinent Election Day tool for those who face challenges at their polling place.

VoterPal (iOS Only)

"VoterPal" is an easy-to-use voting registration app that asks for little more than a state-issued ID scan. It instantly populates information fields and sends a confirmation email seconds after completion, compared to the paper registration process which takes weeks to input into a state's database.

Latinos Vote (iOS and Android)

The National Council of La Raza partnered with digital network mitú for "Latinos Vote," a registration app that asks users to "Act. Participate. Vote." It doesn't have the luxury of ID-scanning technology, but completing the five-step registration process still beats filling out a paper form. Users simply have to sign and mail it out.

PolitiFact (iOS and Android)

There's a reason PolitiFact has won a Pulitzer Prize for their political coverage. The non-partisan website rebukes false claims candidates make, and readers often turn to their work following presidential debates before casting a ballot. The mobile app has a $1.99 price tag, but it's worth come November.

Voter (iOS Only)

Think of it as a dating app in searching for your ideal president. "Voter" users complete a series of yes-or-no questions associated with their political views, much like someone shares personal info on apps like "Bumble" and "Tinder." Users are then given swipe-left-swipe-right options based on the percentage of issue they agree on.

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