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Justin Bieber Bruins: Pop Star Commits a Hockey No-No, Stepping on an NHL Team's Logo [Photos]

First Posted: Jul 22, 2013 02:35 AM EDT
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Justin Bieber is in hot water again, but this time, he's upset NHL players and their hoard of followers.

On Jul. 9, the pop star committed a major no-no in the hockey world -- stepping on a team's logo. That's right, the "All Around the World" singer performed at the United Center in Chicago earlier this month, and he apparently stepped on the Chicago Blackhawk's logo in the team's locker room.

The 19-year-old super star, who has been in a string of controversies over his questionable behavior, was scheduled to perform at the stadium which is also the home of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champs. The BostInno reported that the self-confessed hockey fan apparently visited the team's locker room to take a picture of the Stanley Cup trophy.

As it is, many were already angered by this move, considering that the trophy is among the most sacred in professional sports, and Bieber didn't even come dressed to be in the presence of such a precious item. But the Biebs' mishandlings didn't end there. The star committed the greatest sacrilege in hockey -- stepping on the Blackhawk's logo.

As seen in an image posted by Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw, the singer had both his precious legs on the American-Indian's face.

(Photo :

It may have been a bit more understandable if it had been someone who hadn't told the whole world that he's a big hockey fan had committed the crime, even though ignorance excuses no one. But for the singer to defile this unwritten law in a sport he says he's a supporter of is definitely questionable.

Nonetheless, to avoid any more sacrilege and defiling, the Boston Bruins took necessary precautions before the singer stepped foot in their turf. BostInno noted that team authorities had the Bruins logo corded off so that the Biebs, who performed at the TD Garden last Saturday, would stay away from it. This should save the team and JB the relentless anger of hockey fans.

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