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iOS 10 Upgrade Problem Fixes and Possible Solutions – News Updates, iMessage Features and Everything You Need to Know

First Posted: Sep 15, 2016 09:30 AM EDT
iOS 10

iOS 10 (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

iPhone users amay be upgrading to iOS 10 for new features, a better Siri and the revamped iMessage features that the new installation has to offer. But after the iOS 10 launch on Sept. 13, numerous users had issues upgrading. If you are in need of finding iOS 10 upgrade fixes, here is everything you need to know.

iOS 10 Possible Solutions

iOS 10 updates are available now but may come with some glitches. Before updating your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, make sure to backup all of your photos, Apps and other important materials you would want to save from iOS 9.

Next, make sure your device has enough room for the upgrade before you run into any other issues. You can either upgrade while using Wi-Fi or plug your device into the nearest PC or Mac and upgrade via iTunes.

Some users may be bricked when they upgrade iOS 10 through Wi-Fi, asking them to head to the nearest desktop. If this happens to you, just update your iPhone. If updating does not work, you will then hit Restore where all of your data would be wiped out. That’s okay if you backed up everything at this point though.

iOS 10 Update Stuck Screen

Another major problem is seeing your screen stuck for hours with the message, “Verifying update...” If that happens, lock and unlock your device and keep pressing the power button until it comes back on. Either that, or do a hard reset.

Error Downloading iOS 10

Other users might find a message that says, “an error occurred downloading iOS 10.” It is advised that you wait another two days before trying to update your device to avoid overloaded bandwidth. Also, reboot your Wi-Fi router and reset network settings.

iMessage Features

Getting over the hurdle of upgrading iOS 10 will allow you to experience some of the latest features in iMessage and use the newest Apps that everyone is talking about.

The Genius App added an iMessage extension that allows you to share song lyrics with your friends. You can also overlay song lyrics on your camera roll or create your own shareable song lyrics graphic.

iTranslate is an App for the new iMessage platform that allows you to speak with people who speak a different language where the app instantly translates the text messages for you. You can also use the Circle Pay App that allows you to send money to your contacts securely, without having to pay a fee.

There is also a GIF keyboard for when words alone cannot express how you feel.

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