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Harvest Full Moon 2016 and Lunar Eclipse Live Streaming and Peak Times for Tonight, Sept. 16

First Posted: Sep 16, 2016 02:20 PM EDT
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse (Photo : Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

This year’s Harvest Moon will rise tonight Friday Sept. 16, 2016. The full moon will be shaded by a lunar eclipse and visible to onlookers located in certain parts of Africa, Asia and Australia. In these regions, the full moon occurs tonight between 3:05 p.m. while the lunar eclipse had already begun at 12:45 p.m local times.

Live Stream Full Moon 2016

Onlookers can watch the live stream of the full moon and the lunar eclipse at

Other people located where the full moon and solar eclipse are visible, can take their telescopes and watch as it happens right in front of them. Be sure to be in places with little to no street light and maybe go to a roof top for a better view.

Full Moon History

The Harvest Moon usually appears closest to the autumnal equinox and is most likely seen in the month of October. From 1970 to 2020, there should be a Harvest Moon appearance 12 different times. The next full moon is expected in 2017.

Although people may think so, the Harvest Moon does not stay in the sky longer than all the other full moons. But the Harvest Moon is different from all of the other full moons because it happens at the climax of the harvest season.

It is called the Harvest Moon because on this day, farmers are able to work late into the night because of the moon’s bright light shining down on them. It is also known as the Full Corn Moon or the Barley Moon depending on which farmers are harvesting what.

This year’s Harvest Moon will appear shaded at the very top because of the lunar eclipse happening at the same time.

Other Full Moons:

In January there is the Full Wolf Moon that got the name because of the time when wolves howl in hunger during its appearance. In February, it is dubbed the Full Snow Moon because that is the month of heavy snow. March is the Full Worm Moon, where the grown begins to soften and worms appear.

April is the Full Pink Moon where the moon appears to look pink and in May, during the Full Flower Moon, most of the flowers are sprouting because of spring. June brings the Full Strawberry Moon during strawberry picking season and in July, during the Full Buck Moon, bucks start to grow new antlers.

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