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Presidential Election Polls 2016 – UPDATED: It's Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton While Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Still At It

First Posted: Sep 17, 2016 03:36 PM EDT

The latest Quinnipiac Poll showed that Americans are voting against, rather than for, a candidate. In the Sept. 14 poll, researchers found that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 48 to 43. Recent polls also show that people are likely to vote for third party candidates. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has a 13 percent chance of winning the voter race while Green Party candidate Jill Stein had a 4 percent chance of being voted for president.

Presidential Poll
(Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 12: Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson gestures as he speaks during a 2016 Presidential Election Forum, hosted by Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) and Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace August 12, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The forum provided an opportunity for presidential candidates or their representatives to speak to Asian voters directly. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Clinton and Trump Close in Polls

With the first presidential debate on Monday Sept. 26, the two leading candidates are closer in numbers in the polls than ever before. In the last poll conducted in August, Clinton led Trump 51 to 41.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Clinton tops Donald Trump in electoral vote count in several polls.

A Sept. 14 Fox News poll shows Clinton leading Trump by just one point. She also led Trump 46 to 44 in a recent CBS News/NY Times poll, reaching the same exact results in an Economist/YouGov poll on Sept. 13.

But in a LA Times/USC Tracking Sept. 15 poll, Trump leads Clinton 47 to 41. He also led the Democratic candidate by one point in polls taken in early September by CNN/ORC and IBD/TIPP.

So who is most likely to be the next president of the United States? Polls do not determine who will actually get up and vote on Election Day, but such close numbers leading up to election night means a tight competition for both party candidates.

Electoral Vote Map Projections and Predictions as of September 15, 2016
(Photo : Freedom's Lighthouse / Snapshot)
Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 217 by 180 in the electoral vote count according to this map by Freedom's Lighthouse

While Clinton is dubbed the most likely next president of the U.S., recent poll numbers mean that Trump can win the seat as well. And if people are so reluctant to vote for both leading parties, could the U.S. really see a third party candidate winning a spot in the oval office? While it is highly unlikely, some Americans will check the box for either Johnson or Stein on Tuesday Nov. 8.

2016 Presidential Election Day

With close numbers in recent polling, Clinton may rely on Pennsylvania to give her a bigger shot at presidency.

“Pennsylvania has been the most likely tipping-point state since midsummer,” Economist David Rothschild told The New York Times. “It has been the state to put Hilary Clinton over 270 electoral votes, should she win all of the other more likely states for her. Conversely, it’s also the state that would put Trump over the hump, if he wins all the states that are more likely for him.”

The first presidential debate should put a new perspective on presidential candidates for undecided voters.

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