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Domestic Terrorism in NY and NJ? Bombing Locations for Weekend Explosions and Suspect Investigation

First Posted: Sep 19, 2016 01:44 PM EDT
New Jersey Bombing

New Jersey Bombing (Photo : Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

FBI officials report that a backpack filled with up to five bombs was found at a New Jersey train station Sunday night, just a day after 29 people were injured in a Chelsea bombing attack in New York City. A 28-year-old man suspected to be linked to both attacks has been taken into custody.  

Suspect in Tri-State Area Bombing

Ahmad Khan Rahami was wanted for questioning after Sunday night’s bombs were found in Seaside Park, New Jersey. He has been taken into custody after a shoot-out with police in Linden, New Jersey. Authorities believe that that there is a terror cell located in New York and New Jersey following the weekend bomb attacks.

Several of the bombs were found unexploded and no one has died following the bomb attacks. But is New York and New Jersey in danger of severe domestic terrorism?

Rahami is the main person believed to be connected to the attacks along with other people. A man that appears to be him, is seen in surveillance footage, holding a duffel bag near the bombing site in Chelsea. The suspect is a naturalized U.S. citizen of Afghan descent and has lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey, not too far from where the bombs were found in that area.

A few people have been questioned already but no charges were made.

New Jersey Bombing

Officials found a garbage can near the starting line of a Marine Corps. charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey, that had already exploded due to a bomb attack. After searching throughout the weekend, a back pack with up to five bombs was found in Elizabeth, New Jersey. One of those bombs exploded when a robot opened the bag.

Two men found the backpack and alerted police when they saw wires and a pipe going through the bag. No one was injured in the New Jersey bombing and police officers checked garbage cans in the surrounding areas but found nothing.

New York City Bombing


Chelsea Bomb
(Photo : Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 18: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (R) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (C) stand in front of a mangled dumpster while touring the site of an explosion that occurred on Saturday night on September 18, 2016 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. An explosion in a construction dumpster that injured 29 people is being labeled an 'intentional act'. A second device, a pressure cooker, was found four blocks away that an early investigation found was likely also a bomb. (Photo by Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images)

A device exploded on 23rd street in New York, under a metal trash can, weakening the force, but still injuring 29 people. A pressure cooker was found four blocks away from the Chelsea explosion.

Bombing Connection

The bombing attacks in New York and New Jersey have taken place at a time when there is a meeting for the United Nations General Assembly in the Big Apple where many world leaders are attending the event.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the bombs from both locations have similarities suggesting “there might have been a common linkage.” He also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a link to a foreign connection for this weekend’s bombings, suggesting that this act of terrorism goes farther than the U.S. borders.

Investigation is ongoing.

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