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iPhone 7 Problems and Top Features Roundup - Speed Test, Better iMessaging Features and Faster Processor [WATCH VIDEO]

First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 05:31 PM EDT
Apple's iPhone 7 And New Apple Watch On Sale In New York

Apple's iPhone 7 And New Apple Watch On Sale In New York(Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 (Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

iPhone fans are reportedly running into some issues with their brand new iPhone 7 models. With the rumors out of the way and new phones out of the package, some users complain about iPhone 7 problems while also enjoying the top iPhone 7 features. Here is a round up of iPhone 7 problems as well as its top features. Do the features outweigh the problems? Arguably yes. Let's take a look:

iPhone 7 Problems

Airplane Mode

Some iPhone 7 users have seen their phones run into problems after being in Airplane Mode. While an iPhone 6S works just fine when it comes straight out of Airplane Mode, some iPhone 7 models cannot. If this happens to your device, you can bring it back to the Apple store and get it replaced without having to go through a full diagnostic test.

Hissing Sounds

iPhone 7 models are making a hissing sound after being under a heavy processor load.

“I think this is a software issue because it happened to me also on iOS 10 on an iPhone 5S recently,” said user Artur, who suggests that it is not the actual iPhone 7 models that are causing problems.

iOS 10 Upgrade Problems

Users may have had some issues when upgrading to iOS 10 including being bricked when completing the upgrade process through Wi-Fi.

iOS 10 also has better iMessage features with more Apps to download that helps you do more things like type in multiple languages, send money to people in your contacts, use Apps while still texing your friends and more.

iPhone 7 Top Features

iMessage Features

Other iMessage features include a new mail app for frequently used mailboxes where the app can suggest where to send your mail to. There is also an app that warns you about incoming spam calls so you don’t feel bad about hanging up on the person who insists you go back to school although you finished years ago.

Then there’s a new app that creates photo slides by sorting out common locations in your phone with the Memories App. And if you are a photographer, you can edit RAW photos in the DNG format or even edit your Live Photos.


The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, making room for better camera footage. The feature can also come in handy when people drop their phones into the toilet by mistake, forgetting that it was in their back pocket. Better yet, users can still use their phones while in the middle of a rain storm without worrying about damaging their device.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus includes a new standard splash, water, and dust resistant feature.

Better Camera

The water-resistant feature on the iPhone 7 makes it easier to take videos in a mist of lawn sprayers with the new camera. There is also a dim light feature on the camera that allows you to take photos of moths dancing around a light bulb without the glare of the light. And if you’re ever lucky enough to see a full moon, you can take a picture of that too with your iPhone 7 Plus.

The new 12-megapixel cameras on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have Quad-LED True Tone flash, auto-image stabilization and exposure control features.

Faster Processor

The iPhone 7 is faster than ever, even faster than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. With the new iPhone, you can open and run several apps two times faster than the new Galaxy. The iPhone 7 A10 processor was created to be faster than the A9X in the iPad Pro, and tests proved it.

Wireless Head Jack

With the new iPhone 7 models, you can have AirPods and never waste time de-tangling headphones again. The wireless head jack can also be converted if you're still into using your old headphones though.

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