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Presidential Polls 2016 – Latest Updates: Hillary Clinton Hits 50 Percent in NBC Poll, Still Holds Steady Electoral College Vote Edge

First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 06:45 PM EDT
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton has hit the much coveted 50 percent threshold against Donald Trump in a new NBC /Survey Monkey weekly general election poll.

In a week that saw Clinton miss out on several days of campaigning as she battled back from pneumonia, pollsters nonetheless found her head-to-head lead over Trump among voters expected to take to the polls in November increased to five points at 50 percent to 45 percent.

In a four-way poll of that same demographic, surveyors found Clinton's overall lead goes virtually unchanged at 45 percent to 40 percent.

In that scenario, Libertarian Gary Johnson registers10 percent support and Green Party candidate Jill Stein checks in at 4 percent.

Clinton Expected to be Victorious 

Conducted over a five-day period commencing September 12, the survey also finds most likely voters (56 percent) expect Clinton to walk away victorious in November, while just 39 percent of respondents see Trump's chances playing out in the same way.

The NBC poll is consistent with a recent Politico weighted survey that found Clinton leading Trump 45.2 percent to 40 percent in 11 key battleground states.

That poll was based on the recent averages of surveys conducted by several well-known polling outlets, among them Quinnipiac, NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist, Monmouth, CBS News/YouGov, Suffolk University, The Washington Post, Marquette Law School, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN/ORC and Public Policy Polling.

Analysis shows Clinton holds advantages in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina ranging from one to eight points.

Trump's Latino Struggles 

At least a measure of Trump's difficulties stems from stubborn unpopularity with Latino voters.

A recent Univision poll of Latino voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada found Clinton throttling Trump by an average of 41 points and an America's Voice and Latino Decisions survey found immigration to be the most significant issue of the election in their minds.

Trump has made immigration a primary platform of his campaign, boasting that he plans to carry out mass deportations as one of his first tasks in office.

Meanwhile, in the race to eclipse the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House, recently reported Clinton now outdistances her GOP opponent 307.2 electoral votes to 230.2, while the latest Freedom Light House poll finds her running  ahead of Trump 250 to 164 with 124 votes still too close to call.

Pollsters found Clinton safely ahead in such states as Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, New York Pennsylvania, Virginia and Hawaii.

 Trump, meanwhile, counts Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina among his conquests.

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