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Oculus finally reveals Oculus Touch launch date

First Posted: Oct 14, 2016 09:22 AM EDT
Oculus Virtual Reality Touch has a releasing date.

Photo : Twitter/Oculustouch

Oculus finally shows off the long anticipated Virtual reality touch controls as the touch stands out from any gamepad, conventional remote or joystick. The touch brings tactile responsive motion control to Virtual reality.The touch are a set of controllers designed to interact with virtual world in three dimensions. It makes it all the more interesting and powerful feel of virtual reality whether you're shooting, killing, or watching VR.

The release for Oculus Touch has been finally revealed as per the report from Time. The controls will be available for preorder on October 10 and ship on December 6, the company announced at the Oculus Connect conference on Thursday. It is priced at $199, and once you get a hold of it, you might have to figure how to hold, tap, press controls as it's not any conventional gamepad. The buttons can tell when you're touching them, so the way you rest your fingers too is important.

The Oculus Touch is completely wireless with a set of two mirrored devices. They provide 1:1 motion tracking so that you can move your hands a few millimetres with Oculus Touch. It looks like the split design of the Oculus Touch is a virtual necessity. According to Venture Beat, GamesBeat spent a whole day on Wednesday getting hands-on previews with more than a dozen Oculus titles.

They have launched 35 made for VR titles, and incredible games like Arktika, Luna, Quill, Landfall, Kingspray, The Unspoken, VR Sports and many more! Oculus Touch controllers won't turn virtual reality into a mass market phenomenon overnight but Oculus Touch controllers  controllers will give you a partial glimpse of the future. Whether you're watching a movie or playing a game or even just hanging out with your friends on the VR, getting your hands on the Oculus Touch will make it all the more real for you and your world.

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