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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Compete with Angelina-Brad Pitt Divorce News

First Posted: Oct 14, 2016 10:49 AM EDT
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

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Tom Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman is headed to a divorce from her 10 years of marriage with Keith Urban. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary earlier this June. But Urban admitted that his relationship with Nicole Kidman hasn't been smooth sailing since it also has the hurdles most of the couples have in a long-term relationship.

According to Hits, Keith Urban says that his marriage has been a "learning curve" and had to drive away to avoid heated conflict where he claims that he reached his breaking point. The reason is Nicole's controlling actions that seems like he's living in a dictatorship than a marriage.

Nicole has been tracking Keith's phone and makes him report who he's with and his whereabouts to her and kept a close watch on Keith because of his troubles with addiction and with his wild past. So, this becomes intese lately and one of the reasons why their marriage is on a shrink.

On Sept. 10, Nicole Kidman attended her premiere night alone to promote her upcoming drama "Lion" in BFI London Film Festival. She plays the role of an adoptive mother to an Indian-Australian man in the film.

On the premiere, Keith Urban is nowhere to be found. This isn't the first time that he was absent and let Nicole Kidman walk alone in the red carpet. In Toronto International Film Festival earlier this summer, Keith is noticeably missing.

Nicole is hopeful to win an Oscars for her role in "Lion" and if that happens then, history is repeating itself where back in 2002. She got the Oscars for "The Hours" right after her divorce with Tom Cruise. Now, she's delaying her divorce with the country singer songwriter Keith Urban until next year, reports CelebdirtyLaundry.

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