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UFO Sighting 2016: Triangular Shaped Alien Spacecraft Spotted In West Yorkshire

First Posted: Oct 14, 2016 11:13 AM EDT

Photo : Pixabay / Thomas Budach

A mysterious triangular shaped UFO was spotted hovering over West Yorkshire on Thursday. A former policeman was shocked to see the UFO with shimmering lights around it. The sighting was made by Holmfirth in Kirklees West Yorkshire.

According to the Daily Mail, a white spot can be seen as it moves around the camera set up by Mr. Gary Heseltine.The flashing lights that was seen by the retired officer was picked up by the recording made by Heseltine.

They appeared as a moving dot on the screen and stayed on for the rest of the footage. A dim light which appeared from the left was exceptionally bright. Few moments later, a circular object appeared again from the top right corner of the screen.

The light was flickering and vanished from the screen completely. But the dot remained to stay there. It looked suspicious as it seemed that it was waiting for some reason.

The officer sketched out the triangular-shaped UFO to describe how it appeared. The sketch looked like what all believe to be as a UFO. It never looked like any other spacecraft or any plane.

As per The Examiner, the officer does not want to reveal his identity. But Heseltine stated that "this officer is a credible witness." Heseltine is one of UK's leading ufologists. He has been a detective with the British Police for 20 years. In 2013, he launched his own online publication called the UFO Truth Magazine.

Heseltine is convinced that there are UFOs and they are real. He also states that there is great evidence that ET is here and has been here for many years.

Based on all the sightings from Colorado, England and Ireland, it seems that evidence of aliens is growing stronger every day. Another theory states that aliens cannot stay out from planet Earth any longer and as days pass, they will slowly be discovered.

As far as Heseltine has stated, it appears to be true that this UFO sighting is rare and looks like an alien spacecraft.

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