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New image of Logan from the third film of wolverine series, revealed

First Posted: Oct 17, 2016 03:03 AM EDT
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New picture from an upcoming film of Wolverine series got revealed on the internet. Photo is featuring Logan; the leading character of the movie as well as movie is also named Logan. The third installment of the movie is set to release in March, 2017.Before this picture many pictures came out on the social media regarding the movie.

The photo has broken the internet and start trending on the various social media platforms.

Wolverine series is a parallel running series of X-Men franchise. In both series Logan is one of a main character played by the Hugh Jackman. He is a part of X-Men series since its beginning and many times movie's franchise used his photos as poster of this series. 

Hugh Jackman also hinted that this could be his last appearance in the movie series by posting a photo on Instagram photo saying, "Wolverine, One last time". James Mangold is directing the movie. The last movie of this series came in 2013.

After this photo many picture came out related to the movie. In one picture a lost arm is holding a shot gun shows what kind of movie it is going to be. Similarly on Thursday, one more photo from the film titled prom came out on Instagram page, wponx.

It's the film's neat Instagram account that's doing most of the reveals, with a new behind-the-scenes photo posted every day. Today's indicates that the film will take a road trip way down South, as reported by Screen Crush.

It was reported on the third installment of the Wolverine series that this could be the most violent movie like any we've seen so far.

With this image many rumors are taking place like-what will be the rating of the film? This is not the first time makers of the movie revealing photos of the film like that, these photos are for marketing purposes. 

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