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'Transformers 5' spoilers: Optimus Prime encounters new challenge, new characters unveiled

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 10:08 PM EDT
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Without a doubt, the fans of Transformers series knows how much of a hit it has been over the past. And, finally there have been few amazing teases that's been release to the fans for the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight.

There is not much details into the plot of the movie, but looks like the movie have been coming together. The main character that have been in all the series is Optimus Prime, and the fans are looking forward to him exemplifying his strong and moral leadership in the upcoming movie too.

For the spoilers, Optimus is there in the Transformers 5,  and with few surprises Michael bay, the Director is offering a few glimpse of Autobots' and Deceptions on his website. Optimus gets a new look, and it's by far one of the best look he's had in all the series. The film starts off where it left off in the previous movie with Optimus Prime in space.

Rumours from Joblo claims that Optimus Prime went back to Cybertron, only to find the planet dead and with himself being the main culprit. To resurrect it, he'll need a mysterious artifact on Earth, which was later found to be connected to Merlin. The sorceror gained his magic while visiting the transformers, and served as King Arthur's mentor.

According to designntrend, "The Last Knight" will be the first fruit from a Paramount Pictures' "writers room," a "Transformers" think-tank their executives pulled together in mid-2015 to expand the franchise.

Transformers 5 will introduce a Mustang and camaro battle where Bumblebee  will sport the new sixth-generation model of Chevrolet Camaro. Along with the cars, there will be an introduction of new characters,  "The Creator," an Aston Martin named "Cogman," and a Vespa named "Squeaks." The fans will have to wait in anticipation for  the intense action flick to be released on June 23, 2017.

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