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Artificial Pancreas: New Medical Innovation for Treating Type 1 Diabetes

First Posted: Nov 07, 2016 07:28 AM EST

Artificial Pancreas is a system device that controls blood glucose level by giving substitute endocrine functionality of a healthy pancreas. This device is a cell-phone-size that measures blood glucose levels in every minute basis that transmits the information to an insulin pump to calculate and release the required amount of insulin to the body. It controlled by algorithms that give the correct amount of insulin through a fine needle without the patient's knowledge and without having a spill even a single drop of blood.

Artificial Pancreas is a medical innovation in a treatment of type 1 diabetes. According to MNT, Boris Kovatchev and his team at the University of Virginia School of Medicine stated that this medical innovation has the potential to change everyone's lives especially to those who have  problems in health such as diabetes and it also referred as "closed-loop artificial pancreas". Meanwhile, Sven Magnus Carlsen, an endocrinologist, and leader of the group says that this medical innovation aimed for the people who almost forget that they have a type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes appears when the pancreas can not produce any amount of insulin that needed to circulate the blood glucose, while Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body can not produce any enough insulin or the body becomes resistant to the insulin, or in other words it caused by lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise and poor diet. Both patient, type 1 and 2 diabetes will inject insulin and occasionally glucagon to regulate their blood glucose which is critical to lowering the risk of having long-term complications like blindness, kidney failure, and cardiovascular disease, according to FDA.

There are three types of devices that are familiar to many people with diabetes: (CGM) continuous glucose monitoring system and insulin pump, a blood glucose device that used to calibrate the CGM such as glucose meter. They made a collaboration with diabetic patients, the care providers, medical device manufacturers, researchers and academic investigators to clarify agency expectations for clinical study purposes and product approvals.  

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