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Apple hints at producing foldable iPhone through new patent

First Posted: Nov 26, 2016 01:42 AM EST
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It seems that the dream of creating a foldable phone isn't dead just yet. Apple applied for and gained a patent for a flexible iPhone that can fold in half and grip on clothes.

Apple submitted a patent application for "flexible display devices" in July 2016, and it envisions the use of features touchscreen OLED display, which could itself folded in half, the device would look like the clamshell-type phones of Yesteryear, reported by Digital Trends.

It's unlikely that a foldable iPhone will be on the market anytime soon, but flexible screens are the realm of possibility, and this isn't the first time Apple has an interest in them.

The patent indicates a foldable smartphone with two screen halves touching each other; either side of the device's external areas has half of the screen. Enthusiasts also expect Apple to install more hinges as well so that it could fold third or fourth instead of in half.

Apple's new patent does not only show a foldable smartphone, but it will also equip with OLED displays. Such indicates that the next few years will see an influx of OLED iPhones.

But following complaints of faulty flexing phones dubbed "Bendgate," Apple may be looking forward to improving the durability of its hardware system so that it conform to our back pockets.

Apple also applied for another patent that includes a 360-degree screen that wraps entirely around a phone and smart glasses to rival Google's failed Glass product. The patent for the latest flexible display illustrates how it applies to smartphones.

However unlikely it is, a flexible iPhone might be in for the future from Apple and also from other companies. Samsung is working on a flexible smartphone slated for a 2017 release, while South Korean rival LG is also settled to be working on its foldable smartphone.

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