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Google discounts Chromecast, Pixel, and Google Home for Black Friday 2016

First Posted: Nov 24, 2016 07:54 PM EST
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Google's wonderful products are up for great discounts this Black Friday 2016. Some of these products are Google Home, Chromecast, Pixel and even Pixel XL.

Discounted gadgets are available on various retailers. However, for Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Verizon carries the sole authority for selling it with Black  Friday discounts. On  the other hand, Chromecast and Home are available from different outlets so you have the freedom to shop from your chosen store.

Here's the list of great discounted Google products for Black Friday 2016 deals, as reported by The Verge.


The world's amazing speaker, the Google Home, is available both on Verizon and Best Buy. They offer the same discounted price of USD 100. This means you get USD 30 savings from either store you wish to buy.


These two powerful Google smartphones are also exclusive products from Verizon. The company offers different discounts and deals for Black Friday 2016.

Here are the available options that every prospective customer should consider when shopping for the Black Friday special offers and promos.

1.   Get Pixel or Pixel XL with a storage capacity of 32GB at USD 240. Another option with these phones is to have an increased storage of 128GB for USD 360. However, Verizon requires USD 649.99 as upfront payment. A monthly deduction from the subscriber's wireless bill will be made for the difference.

2.   Below are other options as quoted from Phone Arena:

  • "Buy the Pixel 32GB for USD 10 a month (down from USD 27.08) or the Pixel 128GB for USD 15 a month (down from USD 32.08), only on November 24th and November 25th
  • Save USD 200 on the Pixel and Pixel XL when you switch to Verizon or add a line to an existing account, only November 24th to November 27th. Also, the discount applies for all Android smartphones priced at USD 400 or more
  • Save USD 100 on the Pixel or Pixel XL when you upgrade as a current customer. Also, the discount applies for all Android smartphones priced at USD 400 or more."


The Chromecast has a 10% discount from both Target and Staples. You can have it for USD 25.

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