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How's Angelina Jolie after Brad Pitt? Actress smokes to death, source says

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 07:03 PM EST
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Angelina Jolie is destroying herself with non-stop smoking following her divorce with Brad Pitt. Apparently, the 41-year-old actress needs an outlet to get over from her broken marriage, but things have gone awry for Jolie's psychological and physical health.

Jolie reportedly turned into smoking due to stress from her bitter divorce battle with more than a decade partner, Pitt. Jolie is smoking like a chimney, reported Radar Online, despite her rigid measures in the past to avoid suffering from cancer like her mother did. It can be remembered that the actress has gone through a surgery before as a preventive measure.

A source of the media outlet, however, revealed that: "Angie does not eat, she chain-smokes. She easily goes through two packs a day." Likewise, the already frail and thin Jolie is losing her appetite due to a massive intake of nicotine. The battle for legal and physical custody of her children with Pitt has taken its toll on Jolie.

"Going up against Brad has been the hardest thing Angie's ever faced. She's stressed out, and in a constant state of anxiety," the media's insider further divulged.

As earlier reported by Latin Post, the iconic couple has been battling for the custody of Maddox (15), Pax (12), Zahara (11), Shiloh (10), and the twins Knox and Vivienne (8) ever since Jolie filed for a divorce on September 19. Although the details on why Jolie opted for separation were not fully divulged to the general public, rumors suggest that Pitt's alleged child abuse towards Maddox has prompted his wife to end their marriage.

Likewise, things have been rough for the two. This year will also be the first time in a decade that Jolie and Pitt will not be spending the holidays together. For this year's Thanksgivings, Jolie did not invite his estranged husband who is traveling across the globe to promote his new film, "Allied."

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