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Fidel Castro's sister Juanita snubs state funeral over unresolved family feud

First Posted: Nov 28, 2016 01:57 PM EST
Juanita Castro Marching with Demonstrators

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The former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, have recently passed away due to his failing health at the age of 90 years old. Meanwhile, her sister, Juanita Castro, said in an interview that she would be attending his brother's funeral.

According to an International Business Times report, Juanita mentioned that there was an unresolved family issue. It started many years ago when his other brothers decided to give away the plantation of their entire family.

"In light of the bad rumors that said I was going to go to Cuba for the funeral, I want to clarify that I have never returned to the island, nor do I have plans to do so," Juanita Castro stated in an interview with Miami Herald.

For the record, Juanita Castro was exiled in Miami for 50 years. It was a long time for her not to see his hometown but she has no plans or returning. According to her, it was a great sacrifice for her to be in pain and isolation as she has decided not come back to Cuba anymore. On the other hand, she still expressed her grief upon the death of his brother Fidel.

Moreover, Daily Mail reported that Juanita had lost her connection with her family in Cuba while she was exiled in Miami. Also, she suffered rejection in Miami because she was Castro back then. Despite these sufferings, she is one of the four sisters of Fidel Castro that have been so supportive in the late 1950s to overthrow Fulgencio Batista, then the ruler of Cuba.

Meanwhile, with Fidel Castro's funeral, the government of Cuba will be preparing a public memorial for the former Cuban leader to be held in Jose Marti Memorial until November 29, 2016. Also, as reported in International Business Times, a mass gathering will take place at Havana's Plaza of the Revolution, a place where Castro often spoke in front of his supporters.

Moreover, the remains of former Cuban leade will be buried in Tanta Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba,  which is said to be one of the important cities in his early life.

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