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Google Earth's timelapse latest update describes 30 years of climate change

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 05:14 AM EST
Google Earth's Timelapse Latest Update Describes 30 Years of Climate Change

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Is climate change a hoax? The Google Earth's team recently released an update of the time-lapse of its satellite imagery app. These adds illustrate clearly the development of public infrastructure is changing rapidly. They can see some well-known landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, San Francisco Bay Bridge and so on. However, the latest update also shows how climate change has been changing our planet Earth for 32 years.

Moreover, the new update also includes  data from 1984 to 2016. There are also petabytes of high-resolution imagery from two main satellites: Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2. From there, we can see clearly the impact of carbon emission on our surroundings, from sea to forests, as reported by The Verge. We also can see the impact of the rapid growth of population.One of the most obvious examples of the impact of climate change is Exit Glacier in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula  which has been thinning for the past three decades, as reported by Popular Science.

Ethiopia is one of the African countries that suffers most from massive deforestation as forests have been converted to farming areas to feed the rapid growth of the human population. Other environmental significant changes are also seen, such as a rise in sea level.One of the regions in the USA affected by sea level rise is Dorchester County, Maryland, according to UCSUSA. This area has been submerged for the past three decades, posing a greater risk to the seafood industry and community nearby.

Google released Google Earth Timelapse in 2013 which can enable people to explore the rapid change of the Earth, due to climate change and human development. The company collaborated again with TIME to provide the update picture of some well-known locations worldwide.This time-lapse describe the view of our planet with more real colors to get a sharper, a clearer view.

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