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Jeremy Lin NBA Trade Rumors 2013: Linsanity Stays with Rockets, But Must Come Off the Bench

First Posted: Jul 29, 2013 07:24 AM EDT
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Jeremy Lin seems to be staying with the Houston Rockets after all. Following a series of rumors as to whether Lin will be staying at Texas or moving elsewhere, the third year point guard looks to be staying with the Rockets.

In a tweet sent out by J. Lin himself, the player is spending some quality time in Los Angeles with the Rockets team.

"Last supper in LA ... great workouts with the Rockets this week!!" Lin posted on his Twitter account on Jul. 18.

According to Culture Map Houston, the LA workout Lin was talking about is the "impromptu players-only LA mini camp" which was attended by James Harden, Chandler Parsons, Patrick Beverley and newly recruited center, Dwight Howard.

As a matter of fact, it doesn't look like Lin is worried about his probable part in the team, now that Dwight is making the shift to Houston.

"It's huge. It's really important for us," Jeremy told the Los  Angeles Times, earlier in the month. "When you talk about a franchise player or a superstar, having him and James Harden -- we're definitely fortunate to have two of those top-tier guys."

Lin, who used to be a first five for the Rockets, may perfectly fit in as a second PG off the bench. While there's no doubt that the former Harvard standout can provide good stats as a first tier, with Harden around it's almost redundant to have him and the Beard on court.

The Bleacher Report also notes that the two guards play almost the same type of game: the ball on their hands, running the pick-and-roll. This actually caused problems with Houston last season, when they had to find out how to play each one alongside each other. In the end, Lin was forced to move off ball.

The Bleacher Report wrote:

Therefore, Lin and Asik can wreak havoc together coming off the bench. Lin would be able to handle the ball with the second unit instead of playing off the ball in the first unit with Harden. Lin is a much better player when he runs the offense with the ball in his hands, and coming off the bench would enable him to do that.

With this being said, it's exciting to see how the Rockets will be moving their players to reach the team's full potential coming into the 2013-14 season.

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