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'Poldark' Season 3 Latest News, Update & Spoilers: Aidan Turner's Ross Conflicts With George and Elizabeth!

First Posted: Dec 12, 2016 11:59 PM EST
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"Poldark" season 3 spoilers are very disturbing for Aidan Turner's Ross is set with two difficult conflicts. His conflict with George is getting deep as time goes, as well as he is faced with rape charges against Elizabeth.

Movie News Guide reported that the intensity of the drama is now all set to increase in the next season. Unfortunately, it is Aidan Turner's Ross who is spell bounded with troubles as features by the next season of "Poldark."

And because since at the beginning, Ross attitudes has not been apologetic for anything, his hatred for George deepens. Elizabeth will be marrying George soon and this might be the reason why Ross hated the guy so much because Elizabeth is his former lover.

No one could tell what's next with George and Ross at the "Poldark" season 3. It is clear the Ross is not afraid of confronting George; in the future, he might turn facing George in a duel. The insecurities and hatred which the two feels about each other in "Poldark," the enmity might not go away and they may be rivals forever.

Consequently, viewers had been shocked on how Ross Poldark reacted upon knowing that his former lover Elizabeth (Heida Reed) has agreed to wed George Warleggan (Jack Farthing). Telegraph has reported, one of the most shocking moments in "Poldark."

Ross went on to Elizabeth in the middle of the night and entered her bedroom against her will. The next scenes shocked the fans of "Poldark" when Ross insisted Elizabeth to have sex with him, but she obviously resisted.

Meanwhile, some reports speculated that word will travel fast and Elizabeth's husband, George will come to know the incident. In the "Poldark's" next season, if ever George will know what happened he may possible press Elizabeth to file rape charges against Ross. This sounds a severe punishment that Ross will have to face in the next season of "Poldark."



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