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Solar Geoengineering is not a Solution to Climate Change: Aerosol can Destroy Atmospehere

First Posted: Dec 14, 2016 07:52 AM EST
German Astronaut Alexander Gerst Aboard The International Space Station

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Earth is warming as the global temperatures rise, it is an exceptional rate and lessening outflows of greenhouse gasses that are insufficient to expel the hazard. However, researchers are working on ways how to slow down the environmental change. A new research proposes that "acid neutralizer" tablets could be the answer to everything.

According to PHYS ORG, there is one exceptional thought, that is the solar geoengineering. By infusing light-reflecting sulfate aerosols concentrates into the stratosphere to cool the planet. The researchers realize that a lot of vaporizers can fundamentally cool the planet. This impact has been seen after expansive volcanic emissions.

However, these sulfate aerosols can likewise convey a huge danger. The greatest known risks are that they create sulfuric acid in the stratosphere, which harms ozone. Since the ozone layer ingests ultraviolet light from the sun, ozone layer consumption can prompt to expanded rates of skin malignancy, eye damage, and other antagonistic results. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have recognized a vaporized for solar geoengineering that might have the capacity to cool the planet while repairing the ozone damage.

Meanwhile, Mail Online stated that the only idea that had been in a serious traction at this point according to David Keith, the professor of Applied Physics at SEAS, is bringing sulfuric acid into the atmosphere. This exploration has a defining point and an imperative step in analyzing and lessening certain dangers of solar geoengineering. Frank Keutsch said, rather than attempting to minimize the reactivity of the aerosol, researchers wanted to have a material that is highly responsive in a way that would maintain a strategic distance from ozone destruction.

Meanwhile, Keutsch said that they ended up with an answer that could neutralize the emission based acids in the air while reflecting light and cooling the planet. Calcite is a standout amongst the most common compound that mixes in Earth's crust, and just a small amount would be required for the solar geoengineering. While it might ease the issue, the researchers take a note of that strategy for solar engineering is still not an answer for climate change.

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