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Intel’s newly found challenger from AMD called The Ryzen CPU might actually be better

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 11:59 PM EST

As AMD prepares to get its latest entry product in the CPU world, the Ryzen processor, Intel is somewhere in the dark wishing that Ryzen won't beat their already existing Intel Kaby Lake processors. AMD is expected to release the Ryzen in a groundbreaking event called the New Horizon Event, next week. If this was a decade ago, somebody would easily encourage Intel to hold their peace, AMD products are just a bluff.

 But today, of all days, Intel has every reason to get worried. To begin with, almost 60% of computers that are entering the market today, run on the cheaper AMD CPUs. Secondly, the world is aware of the simple fact that AMD CPUs include an addition Radeon Graphics Chipset deep within their morphology.

According to PC Gamer, big companies like Lenovo, HP and Microsoft are gloriously embracing AMD chipsets. So how do you convince such big corporations that are only interested in profits, to buy your less performing yet expensive products? As a matter of fact, from the look of things, Intel's next generation of processors have been left for high end computers like Macs and HP's Envy. But for cheap computers, in the mid and low prices, AMD is the way to go.

WCCFTech editors published a piece about a certain notable aspect that indicates how fast AMD is growing. The editors argued of how AMD's stock values skyrocketed almost overnight, after Lenovo announced how they will feature the latest AMD 7th generation APUs in their imminent laptops. The only threat to AMD's newly found glory is NVIDIA's long awaited GTX 1080 Ti, (Not really sure if they will call it that way.)

 All the same, AMD is doing a fabulous job and if Intel doesn't go back on the drawing board and come up with something cheaper and performing to beat the Ryzen, they might as well let Apple acquire them. The world is really insisting on cheaper, efficient and proficient CPUs. The fact that AMD is selling its chips even to other markets like in gaming consoles, means that Intel is in a tight spot. The freshly launched PS4 Pro console is already throttling an AMD chip beneath its motherboard.

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