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Black Ops 3 To Surprise Fans, Hints Direct To More Zombie Content

First Posted: Dec 24, 2016 08:41 AM EST
Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies trailer
Black Ops 3, To Surprise Fans, Hints Direct To More Zombie Content

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the multiplayer game from Activision is undoubtedly on the most played online game out there with a separate professional e-sport conducted for the same. Now that, the game officially has Zombie mode in it, it's only a matter of time until the developers bring in more Zombie-related content to it.

It now seems like players are more likely enjoying Zombie content than the standard game itself, which for some time now, has been a source of great addiction and also are spending more game time playing the aforementioned mode than the standard multiplayer maps. According to a thread on
Charlieintel, a Facebook stream by Treyarch the team behind the development of the mod, all but confirmed about bringing in more content to the game early 2017. 

Dan Bunting, who's the co-studio head felt that as long as people were actively involving themselves in the said mode, the team were rather confident in bringing in more updates but they didn't reveal anything apart from mentioning the fact that there would be definitive updates waiting for the game in 2017.  There was a potential teaser too, for which the video trailer was available on YouTube.

Treyarch are assuring all the players that the coming year will be packed with updates making it more fun to play alongside new inclusions part of the update. This is rather unusual considering the game franchise since there are only little or no absolute updates once the post-launch period passes. It might also be for the fact that Call of duty fans still prefer playing Black Ops III than the newly released game Infinite warfare which is rather more expensive and has more data to be downloaded which a lot of people can hardly afford to.

Jason Blundell, part of the studio also didn't reveal anything as to what the players could expect in the upcoming updates according to VG247, indicating that something secretive might be in development which would only be hinted or revealed indirectly a few days before the roll out takes place. The last big update for the game was the Salvation DLC which including the final zombie encounters and improving player defenses in the game. 

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