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Patdek: Patent-Related Information Startup Eases Complicated Patent Practice for Lawyers, Businesses

First Posted: May 19, 2014 04:25 PM EDT

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With technology constantly expanding, addressing intellectual property has become increasingly complex for multiple parties. Now, one startup company is taking the "less is more" approach in helping people navigate patents.

Patdek, founded in 2011 by Jay Guiliano and Robert Melton, aims to assist lawyers and businesses pilot through the sphere of patents, effectively.

"The traditional approach to addressing patent issues requires access to multiple data sources and random tools. By default, it is an inefficient knowledge sharing process with no easy way to collaborate," said Patdek Founder Jay Guiliano.

Instead of browsing through multiple patent mediums via various methods, Patdek fuses all the efforts into one single interface. Patek manages to consolidate documents and information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office while providing legal insight on specific matters. In addition, Patdek clients are able to share documents that may prove beneficial and insightful.

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"The Patdek platform shapes this exchange with an easy-to-use solution that saves time," added Guiliano, whose legal career includes more than 15 years experience in patent litigation and reexaminations. "Time is money in the legal space. Legal teams can now more effectively focus on client issues."

With the mission to "save time," Patdek's single interface search engine and tag function further allows easier access to the millions, or over 14 terabytes, of documents available. On other Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) websites, some documents are not text-searchable as a result of documents being scanned. Patdek, however, utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) tools, which makes documents text-searchable.

Patdek also embraces user interaction. On top of allowing clients to upload documents, users can insert statements and their own analysis of documents and share it with their team.

Patdek's function is not limited to simply accessing patent documents and professional insights, clients can also encounter a timeline of a particular patent, from its submission, trials, appeals, publications, decisions, and more that have been made.

The overall patent system can be complicated, not just on a national level, as local patent rules exist for many states. Patdek provided local patent rules for more than a dozen states as over 20 jurisdictions have established local patent rules.

Patdek has already received attention from TechCrunch and venture capitalists (VC) at the Washington, DC Meetup last March. Competing in a "pitch-off," Patdek was given 60 seconds to explain their startup to judges consisting of TechCrunch writers and local VCs. Recognizing the organization, communication, and ultimately the money and time saving startup, Patdek won first place and was given a demo table at TechCrunch Disrupt NY's Startup Alley in early May.

Patdek has scheduled their Beta launch for this summer. People can sign up to participate in the Beta launch by submitting their email address on Patdek's official website.


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