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Apple’s AirPods are impossible to be repaired according to an iFixit teardown.

First Posted: Dec 27, 2016 11:41 AM EST
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Apple's latest released wireless earbuds called the 'AirPods' time and again have been targeted for its insane and unjustified price point. Soon after it was released, the common public and certain tech reviewers and hardware analysts unleashed their frustration towards Apple for their latest hardware which in no way proves its price point.

There are ongoing debates in online forums including Apple's own online community discussing the possibility of looking for other wireless alternatives than donate $159 to Apple's coffers. However, it now seems like the AirPods that cost so much, offer nothing in terms of repairing them potentially leading to literally dead hardware when it ultimately stops functioning.

The following news was brought out by iFixit, a privately owned North American firm who specialize in repairing mostly every electronic hardware out there with a special set of tools that are developed by iFixit themselves. The following news was picked up by most prominent websites like Techtimes and even trustedreviews.

Coming back to iFixit's own website, the first thing that's seen is the word of caution claiming it is not a repair guide but rather an experiment which yielded such result. Apparently, it's also one of the hardware that scores a perfect zero out of a repairability score of 10. Their final thoughts also revealed that it was virtually impossible to repair the AirPods without destroying its outer casing.

iFixit also reported that the earbuds were fully glued to the case. Meanwhile, the AirPods aren't the only hardware from Apple which are extremely difficult to repair. Time and again, it has been proven by not just iFixit themselves but various other sources too that Apple hardware in general are extremely limited for outside repairs even if they are recyclable.  Techtimes feel that Apple rather rushed AirPods to the market in order to compromise the lack of 3.5mm audio jack on their latest iPhones which to all extents are agreed by everyone. 

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