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'GTA VI' Release Date and Update: New Release to Include VR?

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 12:05 PM EST
GTA VI release date and rumours: new release to include VR?

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After the huge success of Grand theft Auto:V, there's ongoing rumours and speculations for the next sequel where one report alleges that the game takes place in London contrary to Rockstar's traditions of setting an American environment too. Hence, the rumours were put to rest.

At the moment, with enough easter eggs in the existing GTA:V game, there's no official estimation as to when the next sequel will be released. Considering the frequency in addition of new content to GTA:V, the release date might not be anytime early.

The game would most likely be released early on consoles followed by the PC about a couple of years later, due to the various graphics enhancements that the PC port demands. Ongoing reports about virtual reality being an addition to the upcoming game that was revealed on trustedreviews and the rumour should certainly raise the level of expectations for the game.

Another report from neurogadget feels that Grand theft Auto will see a more realistic player experience if that were to happen. With the potential upgrade, the game will certainly see a new intuitive approach with new adventures like river rafting or real-time combat which would definitely intrigue those controlling the character.  

The immersive world with intense graphics would certainly be a major bonus just like the existing game, but considering the huge fan following for Grand theft auto franchise, such a move might likely happen considering the age gap of a new sequel for Rockstar games. 

The amount of investments in technology and implementing the same into a video game is definitely not a challenge, but considering the profits and growth in finances is definitely a talking point. But considering the popularity of the game, it's only a matter of time for Rockstar to develop the upcoming sequel more VR friendly so that the real-time experience is achieved.   

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