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‘The Big Bang Theory’ S10 E12 ‘The Holiday Summation’ – Sheldon Gets an Earring; Postpartum Blues

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 01:42 AM EST
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'The Big Bang Theory' season 10 episode 12 'The Holiday Summation' is the first episode of the long-running CBS comedy series this 2017. It will be about Sheldon and Amy's visit to Texas, Sheldon getting his ears pierced, Bernadette suffering from postpartum depression and the newlyweds Leonard and Penny spending their first Christmas together. This special episode gets an extended trailer promo which is now showing on CBS.

Spoilers Guide featured the extended trailer promo for 'The Big Bang Theory' season 10, episode 12 'The Holiday Summation' and it showed Sheldon and Amy having dinner with Mary Cooper, Sheldon's mom. Sheldon revealed to his mother that he and Amy are living together "in sin" and was surprised that she was not affected at all. She said that she was even more surprised that a girl would fancy him. Sheldon got angry and left and later on had his ears pierced to show his rebellion.

Fandom also wrote a lengthy spoiler about 'The Holiday Summation' narrating that in this special episode, Leonard and Penny would find it hard to look, bring home and set up a Christmas Tree. The two would even take time to argue about the pettiest things such as Penny watching Luke Cage episodes ahead of Leonard while the Wolowitzs are having a hard time with their new baby.

Bernadette could not make baby Hallie stop crying but soon found out that Howard can instantly do so. She feels sad that she could not take care of her own child and this made her very depressed. Sheldon decided to look for the symptoms of postpartum depression and found out that Bernadette could be suffering from it.

Later in 'The Holiday Summation' Howard will ask Sheldon and Leonard if he could get a special paternity leave from their project. Sheldon was surprised that Howard was asking for sucha thing saying that he is  "a small human wreaks havoc with his wife's genitals and gets time off." Howard added that he is doing so "with pay."

'The Big Bang Theory' season 10 episode 12 'The Holiday Summation' will air on January 5, 2017, Thursday, on CBS.

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