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China Speeds Up Space Program; Plans To Land First On Far Side Of The Moon

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 04:35 AM EST
China Speeds Up Space Program; Plans To Land First On Far Side Of The Moon

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China is currently showing to the world that it can make feats of its own, as it boasts its space program. It is reported that China is doubling its efforts to develop its space program and be the first to land on the other side of the moon.

China Wants to Be The First in the Moon's Dark Side

Over the next five years, China is on a continuous stretch to speed up its space program's development. With this, the nation wants to be the first one to land a space probe on the other side of the moon in the year 2018.

But what makes the interests of the country really interesting is that it is not only limited to the moon. To add up to their cause, China also wants to send its very first space probe to Mars by the year 2020.

With this, China released a white paper that contains all the details about its space program. Though the United States and Russia are more experienced when it comes to space exploration, China didn't see this as an impediment.

China's Space Exploration is for the Good of All Men

In the span of a few years, China is able to build and develop its own space program, matching those of the other two nations. According to Value Walk, the plans of China to land on the other side of the moon are a more difficult feat to achieve because it never faces the Earth.

What this means is that communication is more difficult, as well as landing the space probe itself. According to Learning English, with the help of this soon-to-be Chinese moon landing, humanity will learn more about how our moon formed, as well as how it has evolved to what it is now.

One more important highlight of the white paper is that China vows to only use its space program for peaceful purposes only.

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