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‘The Expendables 4’ Update: Soon To Start Filming, Will Have Something Different According To Sylvester Stallone

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 06:53 AM EST
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Sylvester Stallone took to Facebook to let fans know that a fourth film of "The Expendables" franchise is soon to start filming. In his video clip, he revealed that he had started working out for the movie.

"The Expendables" is an 80's/90's action lovers' dream film with a lot of violent, explosive and action throwback, as Comic Book had put it. Fans have reacted differently to the first three franchises. Some fans loved them, others were not so happy of the CGI while some almost revolted when the new generation of young action stars was added in the third film.

However, because all the three "The Expendables" movies made a lot of money, it is just natural that a fourth chapter will happen. "The Expendables 4" is slated to hit the theaters with more fists fighting and guns in 2018.

Cinema Blend speculated that because Sly Stallone had already started his work out for the film and because of the 2018 release, filming of "The Expendables 4" might start this spring. This will be the final "The Expendables" movie and Stallone had said in the clip that they will bring in something "different".

No other update of the movie has surfaced. There are no leaks of the movie's storyline made it anywhere and it is exciting to look forward to the promised "difference" in the fourth film.

In terms of casting, so far the major casts included in "The Expendables 4" are Stallone, Jason Statham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are no updates of who will join them in their mercenary missions but we can expect actors Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgreen and Terry Crews to reprise their roles. They have been in the last three movies it is just right to be in the final film.

Fans will never know who will make it to the movies' cameos. In the last three "The Expendables" several 80's and 90's action stars like Harrison Ford, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and Wesley Snipes have been featured.

The rating for "The Expendables 4" is also not known yet. After the success of films like Deadpool and John Wick, fans are expecting that it goes for an R Rating for a more action packed and bloodier film.

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