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Positive Sides Of Drones: Preventing Animal Poaching To Delivering Humanitarian Aid

First Posted: Jan 03, 2017 04:48 AM EST
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 The staggered rotors on a Delta LRX drone by Altus Unmanned Aerial Solutions are displayed at InterDrone, an international drone conference and exposition for commercial drones.

Photo : Getty Images/Ethan Miller

When people hear the word"drone" they usually associate it with war and military-related activities. However, a drone has two sides: positive and negative. When people use it in positive ways, the impact will be positive as well.

Here are some stories about how this small autonomous plane can contribute positively to the world.

Cloud-seeding drones to fight droughts: This happened in Nevada near the end of April. Some teams flew the first ever drone to increase rainfall intensity to tackle droughts. They completed the mission in 18 minutes to dispense two silver iodide flares trigger clouds to produce rains, DigitalTrends reported.

Ambulance drones to provide humanitarian aid: When war or natural disaster strikes, humanitarian assistance is delivered by rescue teams. However, not all affected people can enjoy the aid due to inaccessible locations. Therefore, the use of the drone to deliver humanitarian aid is needed here. The International Organization for Migration has been using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) since 2012, after the devastating Haiti quake in 2010. When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, drones were used again for reconstruction works, and Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) delivered aid to Papua New Guinea's remote areas in 2014, Reuters reported.

Even a Japan-based toy helicopter maker created unmanned rescue aircraft which was displayed at the International Robotic Exhibition in Tokyo.

Drones to fight animal poachers: Rhinos and elephants are under a severe threat of animal poaching activities in Africa. This situation triggers a conservation group in Zimbabwe to have the initiative to tackle animal poaching. Finally, drones are deployed to monitor animal poaching activities in the Hwange National Park. Drones even can record in the dark when animal poachers are in action.

Internet-beaming drones to connect the world: Last June, Facebook's first ever internet-beaming drone was present in the Arizona's sky. The name of this aircraft is Aquila. Interestingly, this unmanned aircraft has wingspans wider than that of Boeing 737. Aquila aircraft flew for 96 minutes. Hope the social media giant will add more equipment to make sure the whole world is connected.

Drone airport in Africa's remote parts: Good news for Africa! Well-reputable architecture company Foster and Partners revealed a plan to build a special airport for drones to deliver emergency aid in Africa's remote areas. And this is not just an idea or a design as the first three properties of the project will be finished by 2020. Hope so!

Drone robots for remote building: A team of drones created a strong 24-foot-long-rope bridge that is strong enough for humans to walk on. This flying robot can have a brighter prospect for industries.

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