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AMD's New Ryzen CPU Will Last Until 2020

First Posted: Jan 09, 2017 11:35 AM EST

While Intel makes some updates at CES 2017 with its host of PCs with the use of the seventh-generation Core processors, AMD is the process of introducing of its new Ryzen CPU which counters Intel's best performance.

According to Digital Trends, the company has spent four years in developing its Ryzen microprocessor. The new microprocessor has the same length of time that the company expect to have with its ongoing war with Intel in the PC processor space.

The AMD's chief technology officer, Mark Papermaster has confirmed the four-year lifespan of the microprocessor at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The technology officer said that the Ryzen represents an improvement compared to AMD's previous architecture.

The previous architecture known as Excavator contains a new Zen chip that offers a full 40 percent improvement. The improvement is more significant compared to Intel's improvement in the current generation of CPUs they have. Intel only focuses on smaller performance increase and better mobile battery life.

According to the PC World, the said improvement is one of the important accomplishments for the AMD because it's going to last for four years. Jim Anderson, the senior vice president and general manager of AMD's Computing and Graphics business, said that the Ryzen chips would already be available from day one.

 "We're not going to do a paper launch," he said, referring to a "launch" where customers have to wait weeks or months for the products actually to arrive. "We've done that before. We're not going to mess with it," Anderson said.

The next step that the company is planning to do is to put Ryzen in the hands of customers and journalists. AMD has already set the stage for its customers by revealing a dozen of motherboards and 16 performance PCs which are committed to Ryzen. AMD also-also revealed that the Ryzen chips are all overclockable.

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