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Dangerous Hawaiian Volcanic Eruption Forms Unstable Lava Delta At New Year's Eve - Five Tourists Sneaked Through

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 09:32 AM EST
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A lava delta has been collapsed in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at the New Year's Eve, rendering a daunting sight for the locals as well as for the tourists.

A bizarre sight of volcanic ash, steam and gas was observed after a 26-acre delta was formed by an intimidating incident of lava flow from the Kilauea volcano which ultimately rest into the sea, reports Fox News.

The lava's collapse resulted in the clouds of ash and colossal waves of fumes and gas were observed over the nearest sea cliff, reports US National Park Service.

The Hawaiian volcanic eruption allowed the public viewing area to be damaged completely as loud penetrating noises were heard across the area, park rangers maintain in a statement.

After the recorded event, the Kamokuna point, where the sea meets the lava was temporarily sealed for public viewing. Even the flights were temporarily restricted for air travel of 1000 feet above ground level, according to NPS Officials.

No one was harmed during the incidents, however, a few tourists were saved as the oversize waves took over. The visitors were ducked beneath the closure line and went towards the coastal cliff. They were rescued by the rangers and eventually and returned to the safe spot.

"Fortunately, there were no aircraft or boats reported in the area at the time of the collapse, nor were any visitors on the delta itself, which is closed for public safety," Orlando said in the statement.

Park Superintendent Cindy Orlando also added that lives could have been surely lost if people were standing close by to the incident site.

The footage shows the 26 actress delta, which eventually becomes a part of the sea. They are usually dangerous and are considered as unstable, which is why human life is advised to return to safety after the incident is recorded.

They are formed when lava enters the ocean and forms new land on an unhinged base, thus, making it even more hazardous. There is a high chance of collapse and it also produces a highly caustic fume of hydrochloric acid rendering it risky for human life.

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