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Kate Upton Topless Horse Video Uncensored .Gif Surfaces

First Posted: Aug 02, 2013 03:12 PM EDT
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The best thing to happen to of R-rated internet porn might finally be here. Self-appointed Internet detectives are on the case, and this time there might actually be uncensored tape of Kate Upton topless in that horse video that no one's actually seen. Keep reading to check it out.

Yes, you know the video, the one taken two years ago, while Upton was filming a spread for Complex magazine. Back then, she was all of 19 years old. She's straddling a horse, attempting (without much luck) to hide her impressive cleavage behind one arm, but her skinny forearm juts isn't up to the task. She struggles valiantly to continue posing for the photographer, and out they pop. Of course, those red stars from the TMZ censors spoil the fun.

TMZ, which claims to have an uncensored copy of that very video, hid Upton's nipples behind those little red stars. At first, they posted the censored version before quickly taking it down, and cries of rage erupted from the internet. To make matters worse, TMZ then posted a video of two of its employees watching the uncensored version. All it shows is their faces, ogling the clip.

But that original video is still impossible to locate (trust us), and neither video nor file sharing sites, nor torrents nor the back alleys of the internet now where to find it.

But then, a single uncensored image appeared, supposedly a still from the original video. It looks quite real, but it might be a Photoshop job or some other kind of fakery. Still, it's close enough for most purposes.

And finally, there's a .gif of a short portion of the video, fully uncensored, with full frontal from Upton. Does it look real? Take a look and decide for yourself.

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