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'Arrow' Spoiler Alert: Katie Cassidy’s Contract Might Be a Restrainer for Laurel’s Return

First Posted: Feb 16, 2017 10:19 PM EST
Special Screening For The CW's 'Arrow' And 'The Flash'

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"Arrow's" controversial decision to murder Laurel Lance last season sparked shock among fans of both the show and the comics. In addition to the fact that it was shocking, it was absolute confusing as Black Canary is one of DC's most famous superheroes and Oliver Queen's one genuine romance.

Be that as it may, the blow was softened when there was a rumour that actress Katie Cassidy will return as a series consistent across the majority of the CW's superhero shows. According to TVLine, "Arrow" series recently returned on Jan 25. 

Despite this, "Arrow" official maker Marc Guggenheim insisted that Laurel Lance of Earth-1 was certainly dead. In any case, fans refused to acknowledge it and kept on making their voices listened, starting two petitions to restore the character and voting Black Canary DC's best TV hero. Indeed, it would appear that all the diligent work has paid off, as "Arrow" Executive Producer Wendy Mericle has affirmed that the adored Laurel Lance will come back to "Arrow" this season reports, SpoilersGuide.

In addition to the fact that this is astounding news, it may even demonstrate some of those fan theories about Laurel's fate right. At the point when Barry kept running back so as to save his mom over on The Flash, significantly altering the timeline, a number of fans thought about whether this Flashpoint occasion could influence "Arrow" as well, and perhaps notwithstanding bringing back some of the show's fallen characters. All things considered, if the Flash reset the course of events, it is extremely unlikely it would just apply to his show. That is to say, there are two different shows set in the Arrow-verse.

Despite claims that "Arrow" wouldn't feel the effects of Flashpoint, Mericle's affirmation that it would be included in Cassidy's arrival to the show seems to suggest otherwise. Of course, it's possible that Flashpoint could wind up bringing the imprisoned Black Siren - Laurel's underhanded Earth-2 doppelganger - to Star City, however that would be redundant as Siren is as of now "fit as a fiddle," something Mericle was sure to stress that Cassidy's character would be.

Laurel's arrival this season from the dead was one of the shocking surprises seen on "Arrow" season 5. Be that as it may, off camera, talks of Katie Cassidy's arrival on the series are the more perplexing issue because of the actress' agreement concurrence with the CW. Stay tune for more "Arrow" updates.

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