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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates - 2nd Gen Pokemons Up For Grabs; How To Turn Eevee Into Umbreon & Espeon

First Posted: Feb 17, 2017 01:00 AM EST
Pokemon GO News photo

Photo : Twitter/Pokemon GO News

Pokemon GO News photo

Photo : Twitter/Pokemon GO News

"Pokemon GO" updates have just been released with special focus on second generation Pokemons as well as 80+ new creatures coming from the Gold and Silver versions of the game. New evolutions are also possible especially with existing species and when it comes to evolving Eevee; players have to follow a new technique.

"Pokemon GO" players can now evolve Eevee to its second gen counterparts Umbreon and Espeon using a special trick, Heavy reported. Some creature evolutions will require a Metal Coat but with Eevee, the player has to name their Eevees accordingly to help them evolve. For Umbreon, a player has to name his Eevee "Tamao" while evolving into Espeon "Sakura." Previously, players just need to rename their Eevee according to its three first gen evolutions Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Tamao and Sakura are characters from the series who owned the two second generation Pokemons respectively.

Aside from Eevee, Pokemons like Chansey will be able to evolve to Blissey, Onix into Steelix, Slowpoke into Slowking, Porygon into Porygon 2 and Zubat into Crobat. The new "Pokemon GO" update also makes it harder to catch more elusive monsters. Pokemons will react differently when it comes to their first encounter plus there will be an additional item carousel on the encounter screen.

Daily Star also reported that aside from the 80+ creatures discovered from the Johto region, there will be new customizable avatars, gender-specific variations for a number of Pokemons, new night-mode maps, new encounter music and additional candles for catching evolved monsters. The newest "Pokemon GO" update also has improved Apple Watch connection, bug patches and text file fixes.

There are also reports of more "Pokemon GO" secrets after the Android update. Expert Pokemon dataminers have began to search for more secrets through its APK files and of course details will surely be shared online.

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