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'The Fly Remake' Update: Studio Eyes 'Sleight' Director To Helm Remake

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 07:42 PM EDT
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Classic horror films remakes are a thing now in this decade and that will include 1986's "The Fly." The film did scar many innocent minds during its theatrical run and even during the DVD release. "The Fly" is one of the most recognized horror films during the 80's following Jeff Goldblum's transformation which was directed by David Cronenberg. Now, the film is making a comeback to the big theaters for a more modern version.

According to Collider, 20th Century Fox is making the remake for the teleportation machine went transformation machine "The Fly." The studio is thinking to introduce "Sleight" film director J.D. Dilliard to direct and co-write the remake. The director is new to the big screens but after his Sundance film "Sleight," his name went to the roofs of studios. Dilliard was chosen after Cronenberg's inability to make the film. In 2009, the studio tried to make contacts with Cronenberg but the early talks went to nothing as the 1986 director didn't agree with the budget given by Fox. Nonetheless, Cronenberg brought "The Fly" to the opera stage adaptation.

Meanwhile, Slash Film gave a brief background to upcoming director JD. Dilliard of the remake. The director may not be known for big films but previously, he's been doing some music videos for the Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures.Some see the director be able to move up and direct some movies for the Marvel studio. His "Sleight" film focuses on the street magic scene and will hit theaters on the April 7.

"The Fly" remake would still employ the same plot as the 1986 horror film wherein scientist Seth Brundle tried to make a teleportation machine but ended up transforming into a humanoid fly. The 1986 film was actually a modernized version of the 1958 film of the same name but still, the former made the name for the franchise. Nonetheless, expect more from upcoming director J.D. Dilliard.

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